I fired up the server on my linux box (where I did the initial development) 
and had no problems. Sometimes there is a slight delay where all teams are 
greyed out while a bot leaves the game, but I've never seen it be more then 
maybe 10 seconds. Perhaps it's a client issue where the client isn't 
updating when the team becomes available? On the client that is connected, 
does a bot leave? I use an old paradise client to do all my testing of pre-t 
if that makes a difference. 

James Cameron writes: 

> On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 05:23:19PM +0000, David Watson wrote:
>> My solution was to add the name that I am using in the metaservers file 
>> (eurotwinks.team17.com) into the /etc/hosts so that locally the address 
>> points to the private IP but everyone else resolves it to the public IP. 
>> This seems to work.
> Yes, that would do it. 
>> I've now run into a problem with PreT itself though, the bots start up as 
>> player 1 begins to join, but when the game is (4 bots) v (3 bots and 
>> player) no-one new can join (all teams greyed out)
>> Anyone run into this before?
> Yes, I got this the first time I tried PreT on continuum.  I've not yet
> figured out what causes it, and it is preventing deployment on continuum. 

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