On my server the bots don't leave (ever), you can get more players by 
joining before all the bots start up but they just don't leave.

	I guess Nick's server is his patch to the CVS of the time and something 
has changed since then that stops the bots quitting. Perhaps Nick could try 
a server fresh out of CVS?

	I tried messing about with the debug, debugTarget and debugLevel variables 
in pret.c but I've no idea what I'm doing and cant get stop_a_robot() to 
put out any information as to if its called, and how far it goes if it is.

	If you want to look at my server its on eurotwinks.netrek.org 2592

Sorry I couldnt fathom how to debug, same goes for configure.in, learning 
to program a proper language is always on my list of things to do but....


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