Bob wrote:
> Greetings, I attempted to contact psychosis in regards to allowing
> the JTrekApplet to run on There had been some
> problems earlier with UDP, but I worked feverishly all day to correct
> them, using my own server as a test bench. Needless to say it was
> excruciating work to do correctly, esp with clunky technology like
> Java, but it would benefit the us by introducing netrek to the
> uninitiated. If you would please (psychosis) allow it to run on
> pickled I would be most appreciative.
> For the moment it is redirected to as
> seems to be down. (Hope this email gets
> through).
> You can try the applet by clicking here :

nice work! was just on the server.. wasnt getting very good through-put, 
but it seemed like the client was behaving like i'd expect.

i couldnt seem to get the ship to move however.. [prolly my fault somehow]


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