I have new RSA keys that need to be added to the metaserver key list. 
I will send you the new RSA key, please add it ASAP. I would like to
have it online for Thursday's draft clue game. Please look for my email
in case it gets flagged as SPAM.

I redesigned the applet so that the RSA keys are
internal to the remote Java VM that runs on my linux server. The
JTrekApplet uses RMI, so it has only stubs of the methods that are
called. I moved the keys into the remote server, and the
implementation class it runs is not in the applet jar file that is
downloaded to the user. The code is not as clean as it used to be
because I nearly cut and paste all of jtrek.rsa.RSA java file into
the RMI remote server implementation file and then exposed a single
prototype call "generateRSAResponse".

You may check it out now to convince yourself. It has been uploaded already.


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