--- James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> Not really.  Both are standard calls, and they differ. 
> The first is for 
> obtaining the IP address of a host given a name, and the
> second is for 
> obtaining the host name of the host executing the
> program.
> Some programs need to have the host name that they will
> be perceived as 
> by their peers when communicating over TCP/IP.  For
> these, they may use 
> getsockname() to find the IP address through which the
> connection leaves 
> the machine, and then gethostbyaddr() to find the host
> name corresponding 
> to this IP.  This sometimes doesn't work, because
> gethostbyaddr() may use 
> /etc/hosts to find the name, and the peer doesn't have
> our /etc/hosts.

Ah. I see. Thanks for the clarification!


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