I'm looking to modify some of the sound files that come with NetrekXP.
Specifically, the nt_explosion, nt_explosion_other, and nt_torp hit.  The
reason is: these sounds are just too long.  Explosions are the highest
priority sound, and at 6 seconds long, the nt_explosion_other sound means
that every time someone blows up on your screen, you aren't hearing any
other sounds for 6 seconds.  Compare this to the sound package that comes
in COW - the explosion_other sound is just 2 seconds long.  Likewise,
nt_explosion is 9 seconds long, compared to 2 seconds in COW.  This one is
not as important, since this only fires when you are dead.  Still, I would
like it to be shorter, around 3 secs.  The same for nt_explosion_other.

The other problematic sound is nt_torp_hit, at 2 seconds long (vs. less
than 1 second in COW).  I would like this sound to be shorter as well.
There were several other sound files that had lots of dead space at the
end, most egregiously, the nt_phaser sound, which had a second of no sound
at the end.  I was able to tidy up these other sound files with Create
WaveStudio.  However, in the case of torp_hit and nt_explosions, a simple
truncating of the sound file will not be sufficient - the sound just is
too long.  And this task is beyond my skill.

Is there anyone who can submit new versions of these sounds, using the
current sounds as a base, but within the timeframes mentioned earlier (3
secs for explosion, 1 sec for torp hit)?  If so, I would use these to
replace the current files in the NetrekXP sound package.

Also, if anyone can confirm that the current NetrekXP sounds were made by
L Crawford, that would be good too.  I'm just guessing he made them, based
on a post 7 years ago on rec.games.netrek.