G'day James,

Is there a command to show which functions are encapsulated in the
library file libnetrek.a? Is the "./configure ; make" process affected
by this change? Ntserv is the main server process?
How does this ease understanding of the code since the source files
for ntserv have not changed as I understand it?


On 4/22/06, James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> The rework mentioned below has been committed.  The 42K patch was
> rejected by the mailing list.
> --
> A rework of the Vanilla build process was about to be committed, but
> SourceForge CVS is down again.  Patch is attached.
> The goal of the change is to reduce the cost of adding functions, and to
> ease understanding of the code.
> I've chosen for the moment not to use a shared library, since doing so
> complicates the build process and involves the use of an additional
> build dependency (libtool), although it might drop run-time virtual
> memory consumption slightly.
> - most common code used in ntserv/ is placed in an ar(1) archive
>   libnetrek.a,
> - binaries are linked against libnetrek.a,
> - some binaries that need special compilation (e.g. of
>   ntserv/commands.c) still do this.
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