G'day Zach,

Thanks for your questions.  Software developers know that
modularisation, encapsulation and simplification are good things to do
to source trees.  Since I've not seen any significant patches from you,
I guess you wouldn't appreciate the benefits as much as people who do
send in patches.

To answer your exact questions ...

1.  yes, there is a command to list the contents of an object library,
it is called nm(1).  However it is more likely that developers will look
for the function they need, find what source file it is in, and whether
that source file is in the Makefile target that builds the library.

2.  yes, the configure and make is affected by this change, because it
happens quicker and generates less on-screen output.  The directions to
build are not changed, of course.

3.  ntserv is the process forked for each player, and also the name of
the directory that contains the source for ntserv and for the universe
simulation daemon.

4.  it isn't necessary for an ntserv C source file to change for there
to have been an ease in understanding the code, because the process of
understanding does not use only C source files.  By simplifying the
build Makefiles for each directory, it is more clear to a newcomer how
the source files relate.

Now back to coding.

James Cameron    mailto:quozl at us.netrek.org     http://quozl.netrek.org/