Submitted 2 patches to the metaserver CVS archive today.  The first adds
my client's RSA key to the rsa keyfile (metaserver gods had updated their
keylist anyways, this just formalizes it in the source code).  The second
patch was to remove the default servers from the metarc file, which is the
config file that is used on metaserver startup.  All the servers on the
list were defunct, and after consulting with Dave Ahn, we both came to
agreement that the default list was unnecessary with the newer metaserver
soliciation code.  An alternative was to just list the two main servers
(continuum and pickled) on the default list, but it seemed unnecessary as
the metaserver already lists these servers just fine.

Posting this here for discussion and input of metaserver maintainers.
Carlos, James, your thoughts?