Thu Aug 24 20:58:22 PDT 2006  williamb at
  * Move newbie slot control to sysdef
  This patch moves control of the number of robots and players allowed in the newbie server, from the newbiedefs file, to sysdef.  It also adds an improved tracking method of the number of in game robots.
         *, data.h, data.c, sysdefaults.h: Adds MAX_NEWBIE_PLAYERS and MAX_NEWBIE_ROBOTS.
         * newbiedefs.h: Removes slot control defines.
         * newbie.c (totalRobots()): New function.  Replaces nb_robots counter.
  	 checkmess(): Adds check against player and robot counts before starting/stopping bots.
  M ./Vanilla/docs/ +6
  M ./Vanilla/include/data.h +2
  M ./Vanilla/include/sysdefaults.h +5
  M ./Vanilla/ntserv/data.c +2
  M ./Vanilla/robots/newbie.c -8 +27
  M ./Vanilla/robots/newbiedefs.h -5
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