Sun Aug 27 22:02:44 PDT 2006  williamb at
  * Newbie enhancements part1 - cleanup, debug
  This patch cleans up newbie.c by removing some unused variables, making some small format
  fixes, and adding debugging info as is seen in pret.c.  The purpose of this patch and the next
  patches I will submit are to make newbie.c and pret.c as similar as possible, at which point
  I can then look to factorize as much code as possible into common functions.  As this is a larger
  project, I'm breaking it down into smaller chunks, by adding features to newbie.c that are done
  better in pret.c, and vice versa.
         * newbie.c: debugTarget and debugLevel added to provide debug output to monitor number of
  	 bots and humans in game.  Code similar to that in pret.c.
  	 start_a_robot routine: added safety check in case robot team not selected properly
  	 totalPlayers(): new function, code similar to pret.c, used in debug output
  	 Fixed typo in commands file instructions.
  	 Removed unused variables and unneeded comments
  M ./Vanilla/robots/newbie.c -19 +61
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