On 12/4/06, Joe Evango <jjadeinc at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Only 9 on continuum and I am seeing a new pulsar server,
> netrek2.pulsar-zone.net, and the godfather server being listed as preferred
> servers on metaserver.us.netrek.org.  Did something change?  The old pulsar
> server is still active but not being listed as a preferred server.

Sigh once again netrek.pulsar-zone.net is reporting the bots in the
player count on the metaserver. I just checked it is reporting 11 now
and there are 5 humans and 6 bots!
And now netrek2.pulsar-zone.net is also incorrectly reporting bots as
humans. Please can something be done about this. Matthew Mondor said
he'd fix this so it wouldn't happen again, yet here it has.