I am curious as to how the new pulsar server and the godfather server were 
able to work around the new metaserver restriction.  Doesn't look like the 
godfather server is even up.

Even stranger, the pulsar servers only seem to be reporting false player 
counts through metaserver2.  If you use metaserver.us.netrek.org they report 
the correct counts.


>Sigh once again netrek.pulsar-zone.net is reporting the bots in the
>player count on the metaserver. I just checked it is reporting 11 now
>and there are 5 humans and 6 bots!
>And now netrek2.pulsar-zone.net is also incorrectly reporting bots as
>humans. Please can something be done about this. Matthew Mondor said
>he'd fix this so it wouldn't happen again, yet here it has.
>netrek-dev mailing list
>netrek-dev at us.netrek.org

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