Matthew Mondor <mm_lists at> writes:
> I am sorry for the temporary inconvenience the server switch caused, but
> the changes are over.  Hopefully players get slightly lower latency now
> that UDP works on the new server.
> Some could argue that I should have re-read the new metaserver code to
> find out its cons before doing this;  However I would rather have shut
> the server down if it was that much trouble.  I in fact had decided to
> shut it down when the new rules were applied to the first metaserver,
> however due to multiple user requests I decided to bring it back up. 
> It's a service, and if it gets too much trouble I won't have the time to
> cope with it.

one shouldn't have to read the code to run a server.
I for one am very thankful that we're getting a playable bronco bot
server. Thank You. 

> The twinky Sundays (with super GA and SB ships) appear to be appreciated 

Yeah. I don't usually remember to play, but I'm glad twink sundays are there.

One other question: if your server is a bot server, would it make sense
to have it also be a base-practice server? IE, could you drop the minimum
rank for a base to Ensign, and cut down the base recycle time? 

More General Stuff:

> As for my server, if the metaserver comment field really worked, then I
> think that my server could probably remain listed at all times and be
> marked "practice borg server", as it's all it really is.  

How hard would this be to make work? Is it a client issue, 
metaserver, or both? The metaserver rewrite stuff sounds great
in principle, but this one change sounds like it would have
a notable benefit. 

> now are a few visitors per day).  If a client upgrade allows to easily
> have access to multiple metaservers, wouldn't it make the restrictions
> system totally useless however?  

I think i asked this question here, too, but I don't think I saw
an answer... anyone? And how close are the clients to doing this? 

>... Also, since my server's traffic was
> mainly off-peak, I'm unsure about the efficiency of the current
> restriction rule placed on it, since it now only gets listed when
> continuum is full (when there is the least chances of someone wanting to
> play against robots :).

Yeah, the bot server should be listed at all times. 

Do we know who runs and 
They're both in the metaserver, but I can't connect to either...