>Matthew Mondor <mm_lists at pulsar-zone.net> writes:
> > I am sorry for the temporary inconvenience the server switch caused, but
> > the changes are over.  Hopefully players get slightly lower latency now
> > that UDP works on the new server.
> >
> > Some could argue that I should have re-read the new metaserver code to
> > find out its cons before doing this;  However I would rather have shut
> > the server down if it was that much trouble.  I in fact had decided to
> > shut it down when the new rules were applied to the first metaserver,
> > however due to multiple user requests I decided to bring it back up.
> > It's a service, and if it gets too much trouble I won't have the time to
> > cope with it.

That explains it thanks.  I was told last night that an email was sent out 
prior to the meta server restriction being put in place that explains why 
the new pulsar and godfather server would be listed.  I guess I missed that 
email.  Thought there might have been a hole in the metaserver that had not 
been identified.

Good to see UDP is working on pulsar.


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