I've been writing to James a bit about updating the web pages.
He asked we move the discussion to the list, which makes sense,
so here...

James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> writes:
> Let me know if you think the genocide content should be in a darcs repo.

Yes, absolutely. What are the scripts written in? What do I need
to install to replicate site functionality? (I have a home linux box
with apache and php already... do I need a cms?). 

To catch the rest of you up, we need some webpage work done.  The
genocide.netrek.org site (former www.netrek.org) looks to my mind
fantastic, and it'd be a huge amount of work to come up with something
else as good. If we're going to work on the webpages, I think the
effort is better placed towards updating and extending the
approximately 250 pages of existing content. So I'm trying to make
that happen.