On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 01:57:12PM -0500, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:
> James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> writes:
> > Let me know if you think the genocide content should be in a darcs repo.
> Yes, absolutely.

I disagree on this one.  I'd rather see the Netrek Home Page content in
a semi-access-controlled Wiki than in what is essentially a source code
repository.  The major problem with the Netrek Home Page in the past has
been individual control and limited access where one or the few
maintainer(s) become a bottleneck to maintaining active content.  I
count myself as one of these individuals.

> What are the scripts written in? What do I need
> to install to replicate site functionality? (I have a home linux box
> with apache and php already... do I need a cms?).

Genocide's netrek pages are written in PHP.  I would prefer to move away
from this because it requires one (or a group) of trusted maintainers
with unrestricted access to one of the main netrek infrastructure
servers.  Finding a balance between open host access and open editorial
access can be difficult, and a Wiki is a great candidate.

> To catch the rest of you up, we need some webpage work done.  The
> genocide.netrek.org site (former www.netrek.org) looks to my mind
> fantastic, and it'd be a huge amount of work to come up with something
> else as good. If we're going to work on the webpages, I think the
> effort is better placed towards updating and extending the
> approximately 250 pages of existing content. So I'm trying to make
> that happen.

There are three reasons why the Netrek home pages (various incarnations)
are in such a bad state:

1) The previous maintainer is gone, and nobody qualified has stepped up
   to help assist in taking a leading role in maintaining the web pages.
   Several people have volunteered for certain parts of the Netrek home
   page, however, and they are waiting for set up and a lead.
2) Some existing owners/maintainers of other, more active netrek web pages
   prefer to keep their content separate from www.netrek.org rather than
   as an integral part of it.  There is nothing wrong with this, as that
   is the nature of the WWW.
3) I have not had the time to move the genocide content over to
   www.netrek.org's Wiki.

If you or anyone else would be interested in a combined effort to
(re)build the Netrek home page, I'd be happy to discuss this and can
offer the appropriate access.