On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 12:55:43PM -0500, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:
> Are you proposing basing www.netrek.org primarily on wiki software?

Primarily, but not entirely.  Wiki is a great tool, and it can probably
handle 90% of the text content at www.netrek.org, most of which could
use some editing, formating, or updating.  The remaining 10% would
probably require some custom dynamic scripts/programs to seamlessly
integrate various parts of the web site into the main page(s).  There
are, of course, numerous sections of the web site including the Netrek
Software Archive, Netrek Cinema, Netrek Stats Archive, which wouldn't be
well served by a Wiki but which could still be "mashed-up" to be
integrated into the main site.

The bottom line is that this is an awful lot of work.  We've gone
through several revamps of the main home page using static and dynamic
web pages, but the ultimate problem has always been the
single-maintainer issue.  I feel that the only sustainable solution to
this is some sort of distributed maintenance.

> I think a wiki could definately provide some useful site features,
> but I have two serious reservations about _basing_ the site on a wiki
> as opposed to making use of a wiki for some site areas. 

I actually would prefer a full CMS like Zope/Plone over a Wiki (or rather,
in conjunction with a Wiki), but the learning curve is too high for most

> The primary reservation is looks.

> Are there any wikis that can be made to look half as good as the genocide site?

There is no reason why a wiki can't look as good as genocide, but it
would require some effort to have a consistent look and feel throughout
the web site.