(I hope the following doesn't come across as overly harsh)

Dave Ahn:
> The bottom line is that this is an awful lot of work.  We've gone

I think redoing the entire infrastructure into a form that requires at
least twice as much sysadmin work, a new learning curve for site
designers, a complete redesign using the new tools, and then
transcribing and rewriting a couple hundred pages is a heck of a lot
more work than putting the old site into darcs and doing some editing.

> through several revamps of the main home page using static and dynamic
> web pages, but the ultimate problem has always been the
> single-maintainer issue.  I feel that the only sustainable solution to
> this is some sort of distributed maintenance.

Is that really the ultimate problem, though? 
And if so, would the new generation of distributed source code 
control systems do nothing to alleviate it? 

I thought our current problems stemmed from the old server crashing 
and it taking months for the content to get restored. That situation 
could well have been far worse if the site had been wiki-based. Would
having a bunch of wiki editors have helped? 

We can get the old site online in weeks; a new wiki and all it entails
is almost certainly months. Mac client downloads are happening now.