=- James Cameron wrote on Fri 15.Dec'06 at  8:54:46 +1100 -=

> On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 04:32:42PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
> > Despite its simplicity, having witnessed the flood of darcs
> > patches a few weeks ago, I prefer the less noisy wiki way.
> You've been misled by your observations. The closer patch
> exchange between myself and Bill for example using "darcs push"
> and "darcs pull" has kept the activity off the mailing list. You
> can still see it in the RSS feeds though.

Hum, producing 10KB+ patch data by attached complete history for single
line change is overkill for my taste, even if it's kept off list.
Last time I asked in #netrek Bill didn't know how to turn this off,
and I didn't notice anybody else's answer to this.

> > Once the groundwork has been done, following updates will be
> > only minor, and then I'd like simply to edit it "right in the
> > browser" and be done. But that's just me.
> Well, that mode of operation is already available, so go ahead
> and get involved. Those of us with RSS aggregators attached to
> the Wiki's RSS feed will notice your work and review it.

I know a bit about wiki'ing, though I'm still waiting for the
"main" wiki release, not "just" the netrek-dev wiki.
If the wiki for netrek.org is definitely not coming, then let's
know, and I'll turn to netrek-dev. Thanks for the invitation. :)
(but I still hope for www.netrek.org wiki :)

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