Moin moin,

Zach, please, don't do so much coffee/ drugs, relax!
I read the mailing-list, especially when you see me posting, no
need for sending to me directly, too. And I'm not _the_ or _only_
Paradise dude (hopefully! ;), so your best chances are on this or
the Paradise lists.

=- Zach wrote on Thu 14.Dec'06 at 19:19:04 -0500 -=

> I cannot find any source code for the Paradise 2.99 client (the
> one that doesn't expire).
> Can someone PLEASE send me a copy of the src if you have it or
> tell me where I can download it.

D'oh, I guess it's time for the wiki so I can update things. ;)

I have 2.4p3, I'm not sure which version Dave used to compile
2.99Final (there was NO such version officially, IIRC, he just
called it that way to reflect the final yet incomplete status).
But I don't know what the last real version was.

> PS: Is anyone interesting in getting a paradise server running
> and trying to organize games?

Sure, I am.
Even if I couldn't stay to play full-time games, I could hang
around to occasionally point curious newbies into the right

> Bill Balserski was able to revive Sturgeon and his server had
> enjoyed pickup games weekly since. I'm sure the same can be done
> for Paradise.

Only with a fresh and windows-ready client, which doesn't exist.

> Was any work on a Windows port of a client or server ever done
> or would anyone be interested in that?

In having it: yes! :)
Done: nothing that is of use now, since the source has been lost.

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