On 12/15/06, Rado S <rado at math.uni-hamburg.de> wrote:
> Moin moin,
> Zach, please, don't do so much coffee/ drugs, relax!

Hallo Rado,

Traurig :-)

> I read the mailing-list, especially when you see me posting, no
> need for sending to me directly, too. And I'm not _the_ or _only_
> Paradise dude (hopefully! ;), so your best chances are on this or
> the Paradise lists.

I tried sending to the Paradise list and said my message bounced and
was being held for the moderator to see. I couldn't find any
instructions on how to subscribe to the paradise-workers list.

> D'oh, I guess it's time for the wiki so I can update things. ;)

Yeah I also like idea of a wiki.

> I have 2.4p3, I'm not sure which version Dave used to compile
> 2.99Final (there was NO such version officially, IIRC, he just
> called it that way to reflect the final yet incomplete status).
> But I don't know what the last real version was.

Ah I see. Could you send me the 2.4p3 source as a tarball?

> Sure, I am.
> Even if I couldn't stay to play full-time games, I could hang
> around to occasionally point curious newbies into the right
> directions.

That's good.

> Only with a fresh and windows-ready client, which doesn't exist.

What features would be critical for a Windows paradise client? How
would it be different than Bill's Windows XP client for example?

> In having it: yes! :)
> Done: nothing that is of use now, since the source has been lost.

Ah I see. Anyone else besides us interested in this?