On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 03:20:04PM -0500, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:
> I thought our current problems stemmed from the old server crashing 
> and it taking months for the content to get restored.

No, the old site was outdated long before the disk drive failed.  The
replacement of the server hardware just resulted in an outdated web site
becoming unavailable.

> could well have been far worse if the site had been wiki-based. Would
> having a bunch of wiki editors have helped?

It would not have been any worse.  But having more people to maintain
content would have meant less waiting for me or James to fix broken

> We can get the old site online in weeks; a new wiki and all it entails
> is almost certainly months. Mac client downloads are happening now. 

It'd be great to automate the process of file releases on netrek.org
like it is on sf.net with an RSS type feed for "Recent Releases" or
"News" right on the front page of the new downloads.  This would allow
software maintainers to directly upload their releases to netrek.org.

Anyway, you are right, the old site could be brought online quickly, and
a new wiki would take a much longer time to fully populate.