=- James Cameron wrote on Mon 18.Dec'06 at  9:11:18 +1100 -=

> That patch data is essential for dealing with distributed
> repositories, so I wouldn't want to do without it. It is easy to
> trim, all we have to do is add a tag. Changes beyond the tag
> have smaller context. By using darcs we're inviting that extra
> data. Don't worry about it.

I understand the necessities resulting from this system.
The only thing I didn't like was the volume for minimal changes,
not the system itself. Looking forward for more tags.

> > I know a bit about wiki'ing, though I'm still waiting for the
> > "main" wiki release, not "just" the netrek-dev wiki.
> This tells me you have no content to provide. Holding off because
> of the promise of something better doesn't seem right to me.

You're mistaken then.
I don't blame Dave, but at the beginning he said "it will be there
soon". Assuming it would be only a few days I was willing to wait
those days before having to redo or transfer everything again.
I'm sorry the days became weeks (and more), but I was always
just waiting for the "next days". ;)

BTW, once the "main" wiki exists, will netrek-dev be merged,
moved, co-exist, or what?

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