=- Zach wrote on Fri 15.Dec'06 at 16:37:55 -0500 -=

> I tried sending to the Paradise list and said my message bounced
> and was being held for the moderator to see. I couldn't find any
> instructions on how to subscribe to the paradise-workers list.

It's a ML on SF and you can find the forms on the projects page.
Follow the link(s).

> Ah I see. Could you send me the 2.4p3 source as a tarball?

I've put it up on http://paradise.netrek.org/, follow links.

> > Only with a fresh and windows-ready client, which doesn't exist.
> What features would be critical for a Windows paradise client?
> How would it be different than Bill's Windows XP client for
> example?

It would support all Paradise features not existing in Bronco.
An incomplete list may be somewhere on the homepage, but includes
(as told on #netrek, too): more ships, more players, real warp,
suns, wormholes, moving planets, interstellar moving planets, more
weapons, resource bombing, home planet selection.
Oh, not to forget TQ (tournament queue!!!) and in-game observe

> Ah I see. Anyone else besides us interested in this?

Kud from #netrek, and certainly others who don't dare to say. ;)

=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Fri 15.Dec'06 at 19:22:58 -0500 -=

> >> Can someone PLEASE send me a copy of the src if you have it
> >> or tell me where I can download it.
> Rado S <rado at math.uni-hamburg.de> writes:
> > D'oh, I guess it's time for the wiki so I can update things. ;)
> For dev stuff, there already is a wiki...

Right ... I'll see with Dave, James and others how/ where best to
put it. For now it's on the Paradise HP. I'll mess around with the
dev-wiki next week.

=- Zach wrote on Sat 16.Dec'06 at  2:03:59 -0500 -=

> On 12/16/06, Dave Ahn <ahn at orion.netrek.org> wrote:
> >
> > I thought the CVS archive was on paradise.sf.net, but it looks
> > like the code was never released there. No doubt the CVS repo
> > is sitting archived somewhere on one of the backups on the
> > server. Your best bet is to just download 2.4p1B source from
> > http://ftp.netrek.org.
> Ok thanks. Maybe Rado could ask SF to restore the repo from a backup.

Dave is the project admin.

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