On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 05:36:30PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
> It would support all Paradise features not existing in Bronco.
> An incomplete list may be somewhere on the homepage, but includes
> (as told on #netrek, too): more ships, more players, real warp,
> suns, wormholes, moving planets, interstellar moving planets, more
> weapons, resource bombing, home planet selection.
> Oh, not to forget TQ (tournament queue!!!) and in-game observe
> toggle.

For the record, I'm still interested in this code being merged into
Vanilla, as a sysdef option.  We've just completed a merge of the
Sturgeon code that way, last week, without significant problems yet.

I'm also pondering further changes to the initial login sequence by
clients (in a backward compatible manner of course) that would help us
to get away from different port numbers for different INL teams, or for

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