So I've been looking through the sturgeon code from, in
hopes of merging it into Vanilla source.  It seems it's all been ifdef'ed
properly as TSANG_MODS, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement.  However
I've come across a couple things.

1) Everywhere I've read on r.g.n, it says sturgeon had an ugrade where if
you det your own torps, it does damage to the other player.  However I
don't see it anywhere in the sturgeon source.  Now, I know I've played on
a server with this mod.  I think it was the ufl server, but it might have
been another one.  R.g.n. archives seem to indicate Michael Moore may have
set up such a server with this option.  Does anyone know definitively if
this was a sturgeon feature, and even better, does anyone have an email
address for Michael Moore?

2) From what I can tell, the sturgeon code I downloaded consists only of
using kills to buy upgrades.  I can't tell if this is the real sturgeon
source, or the source from a UMich upgrade server mentioned by Dan Damouth in
a 1998 r.g.n post.  The upgrades include upping max shields, adding a
temporary shield boost, changing engine and weapon cool rates, torp speed,
cloaking efficiency, etc.  There's also nukes, mines and drones which I
think are not so good ideas.  If I want to implement some of the features
but not others (specifically, not nukes, mines or drones), is it still ok
to call it a sturgeon patch, and to ifdef it as #ifdef STURGEON?  And does
anyone really feel nukes mines and drones are a good idea and should be
put in?

3) If anyone remembers the other mods that were on the upgrade server, or
has the code (wishful thinking), could you let me know?  I seem to
remember one of the upgrades being something like, phasers had double
range, but only did half damage.  There were definitely some cool upgrades
that are just not in the code I'm looking at.