On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 05:38:03AM -0700, William Balcerski wrote:
> 1) [det own causes damage]

I've not seen code for this, but it shouldn't be too hard.  I'd prefer
it as a sysdef option, to allow server owners to be flexible.  I suggest
the option name and global variable to be:

(and lower case)

The default should be zero in the sample_sysdef.

> 2) [...]
> using kills to buy upgrades [...]

Even if it is not exactly like the Sturgeon server, if the community
think of it in the same way then it should be fine to use the same

No, don't use #ifdef, use sysdef settings and global variables.

In addition, I suggest a new option "STURGEON=0" by default which
disables all these mods, regardless of the options that depend on it.
See how the voting options now work for eject and ban.

This means the code would look like this:

	if (sturgeon && upgrade_shield) {

> And does anyone really feel nukes mines and drones are a good idea and
> should be put in?

They should be put in if someone has the time to do it.  If we find the
resulting game to be popular, that's not a worry.  I've no plans to run
it on continuum until I've seen the popularity.

> 3) If anyone remembers the other mods that were on the upgrade server, or
> has the code (wishful thinking), could you let me know?  I seem to
> remember one of the upgrades being something like, phasers had double
> range, but only did half damage.  There were definitely some cool upgrades
> that are just not in the code I'm looking at.

Lack of distributed version control system again.

Have you a darcs repository that we can pull from yet?  ;-)

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