> Jimmy wrote:
> > Everytime I try to send this file. I get 5.1 spam
> > points, and the e-mail is rejected.
> Get a real e-mail address, avoid free ones like
> Yah*o.

Heh. Well, I actually pay for my yahoo e-mail address
$25/year. Unlike my ISP provided e-mail address. It
works great, never goes down, is accessible from
anywhere you have access to the internet, has 2GB of
storage, has all kinds of spam blockers and up-to-date
virus protection. And NO ADS. 

You also have POP3 and IMAP access. Although, I just
use the web access. 

> Have you a web hosting directory supplied by your
> ISP?  I can explain
> how to use that to host a darcs repo into which you
> place your patches.

Nope. I did for a while, and then they stopped
providing that kind of free service.
> Or would you like one on our Netrek development
> server?  You've
> contributed enough now that I should have suggested
> it earlier.

Sounds like something new to learn! I'm game as long
as it's relatively inexpensive (free or ridiculously
cheap like my yahoo e-mail account). 
> Then you need only "darcs push" to your account, and
> then tell us about
> the patch rather than send it.

Well, I am off to California, again, for work. This
time a whole month. So won't be able to test/code
netrek until I get back. I should be able to read the
e-mail though. 

I guess there are too many real spammers from yahoo
e-mail addresses.