On Sun, 4 Jun 2006, James Cameron wrote:

> 2.  newbies need to be rewarded for team play somehow, to encourage them 
> to develop toward clue, the stats model we have rewards the wrong 
> things,

The reward has always been winning.

> 3.  clue need to be told when other clue are present (metaserver, RSS
> feeds, e-mail notifications, cell phone text messages, whatever it
> takes),

That would be really cool. All hockey players (who want to) should get 
cell phone text messages whenever there's t-mode (non t-mode scummed) on 
the hockey server.

It would be more difficult to get the bronco clue alert thing going. You'd 
have to define who's clue and who's not, or maybe have everyone make a 
list of players they like to play with and whenever n or more of those 
people are on a server, they get a text message.

But then there's the difficulty of what it should trigger on. Logins? They 
change all the time. Character names? Some old clues (like arizzi) mostly 
play as guest.

And then there's the cost. Who should be paying for a text message 
service? The text message service is easy to build, but there's not a 
single one out there that doesn't cost money.

But still, it's a cool idea.