I went through all the printfs, mprintfs, and
mfprintfs, in robotd, and asked myself the question. 

Is this an error message I'd like to see in the
/var/ERRORS file?

If the answer was yes, mprintfs and mfprintfs were
converted to printfs and fprintfs(stderr,"");...

If the answer was no, printfs and fprintfs were
converted toe mprintf and mfprintf....

Anyways, here's the patch for this. It reduces the
size, of generated file /var/ERRORS, and the errors it
does produce, I'd be interested in, as those point to
SIGSEV's that got caught, but a bandaid was put around

Of course there are still more "bugs" in robotd, but
most seem to be behavioral issues. Like, robots love
to keep trying to refit to something else. 

What's worse is if their homeplanet is taken over,
they go into this loop and eventually blow-up on their
homeplanet. I will figure out what is causing this one
of these days. 

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