Hi James, 

Newbie server mode does start with the -b option. 

And you are right that mprintf/mfprintf is better as
it won't generate messages in the logfile when run in
newbie mode. 

However, I noticed ALOT of printfs in the robotd code.
So I started to wonder why.  The only thing I could
figure is, there should be some error messages that
end up in the log no matter what, or it could be a
simple oversite.

I looked in the var/ERRORS file, and found a bunch of
messages I am not interested in getting, as they
really weren't errors at all. Robots coming in, robots

After looking at the various printfs. I concluded that
most of these would only print if the robot is in
debug mode. 

The 2-3 that I changed to a straight printf or fprintf
is when a SIGSEV should have occurred, but it was
bandaided (not by me). I think the code is fixed, as
I've been running the newbie server for hours and
hours and hours, and have yet run into these error
messages. But it's there in case someone does :-P. 


--- James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:

> G'day Jimmy,
> Thanks for the patch, but why change from mprintf to
> printf at all?
> mprintf has a feature that printf does not have:
> 	if(!read_stdin)
> 		return;
> mfprintf has it as well.
> You are removing this feature.
> While I don't know of any, there may be scripts out
> there that depend on
> the robot not writing anything if the "-b" option is
> used.
> Would it be better for the Newbie server mode to
> start with "-b" option?
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