I call for a moratorium on the use of the new ban feature on
continuum. As I feared it is being used capriciously and vindictively
without proper warrant just as had happened with the eject feature.
There are lots of newbies playing and when they see someone being
banned they are just blindly voting along with the ban. Players are
banning other players because they don't like them or some silly
reason that has nothing to do with an offense that would justify a
Certain cliques of players are also banning people just so they can
get their friends in from the wait queue. This is totally unacceptable
and the server administrators should take swift action to correct this
abuse behaviour. I propose the ban be disabled completely or else
amend the code so that ban will only pass with a SERVER majority vote
instead of just a TEAM majority vote. It's not that often a player is
truly acting in a way that deserves a ban.