Well, for one I don't think it makes sense to be able to transwarp to a
ship that's already in transwarp.  Two, something horribly buggy happens.
When the two bases twarp to each other, and they finally meet up and dock,
they immediately move at warp 60 out of the bounds of the galaxy.  Not
sure why.  That was further reinforcement to my belief that nature did not
intend bases to transwarp to each other!

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Trent Piepho wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Jun 2006 williamb at its.caltech.edu wrote:
> > Thu Jun  8 17:37:09 CDT 2006  williamb at its.caltech.edu
> >   * Cross-transwarp check
> >       * transwarp.c: Prevent transwarping to a base that is already in transwarp.
> Why?  With transwarp fling, you can do a multi-level fling with multiple bases
> each twarping to the one before.
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