> Does this only happen if two bases transwarp to each other?  It's probably
> because they are each trying to move to the docking port.  I think if you
> have 0 who is twarping to 1 who is twarping to 2 and so on it is ok.
Right, it happens when 0 warps to 1, while 1 warps to 0.  0 warping to 1,
and 1 warping to 2 does not cause the problem.  If 0 warps to 1, 1 warps
to 2, and 2 warps to 0, it will bug depending on the order of base
arrivals.  Of course turning off transwarping to transwarping bases avoids
this mess.

Another horribly buggy thing I've been noticing while playing around with
bases and ATTs is that darn warp 15 = cloak thing.  Bases seems to twarp at
a steady speed of warp 15, so they stay cloaked pretty much the whole time.
You can also turn your ATT into permacloak by moving at warp 15.