On 6/14/06, Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org> wrote:
> That's the server, not Hadley's robot.  The robot doesn't have null terminated
> p_mapchars, while the server does (now, didn't used to long ago).
> Only the 16 occurences of p_mapchars getting printed with %s in Hadley's robot
> source code are bugs.  I guess the 58 number Stephen came up with if for all
> the Vanilla code, I thought he was just talking about the bot code, as that
> was what was being discussed.
> The other robots like the inl bot or puck are completely different code, and
> use the exact same p_mapchars data as the server, since it's in the shared
> memory segment.

Yay, thanks for clearing up the confusion Trent, I appreciate it. When
someone gets around to fixing this, they can look back at this
discussion and see why the problem exists.

Stephen Thorne

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