On 6/20/06, williamb at its.caltech.edu <williamb at its.caltech.edu> wrote:
> Mon Jun 19 19:50:09 CDT 2006  williamb at its.caltech.edu
>   * xtkill ship change fixes
>            * tools/xtkill.c: Adds the ability to set ship to galaxy class, removes unneccessary
>              ship size change for ATT, and updates the list of valid ship types to include
>              the super SC with 1 point torps (this was missing from list of valid ship types).
>   M ./Vanilla/tools/xtkill.c -8 +5

I've pushed this to the 'shiny' repo, but I'd like confirmation from
someone else that the shipsize change should be removed before I push
it to netrek.org. Why was it there?

Stephen Thorne

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