--- Cliff Hudson <chronosws at comcast.net> wrote:
> I think to do this right will require a server-side
> change because the 
> client obviously cannot extrapolate torp movements
> properly since it 
> doesn't know where the torp is going to go next. 
> I'd change the server 
> to send the torp position and a vector, which the
> client would use until 
> the next vector change came along.  Torp wobble is
> accomplished by 
> having the server twiddle the vector each time torps
> get updated.  Now I 
> can already hear the calls "But now the client can
> use the torp vector 
> to predict the future movement of the torp!  Think
> of the borgs!"  True, 
> but if the torp is wobbling a bit every 10th of a
> second this 
> foreknowledge will probably not be a big deal.

The robots in a newbie server need the torp vector in
order to properly dodge torps. Trent recently made a
change in the server source so torp vector info is
being sent.