--- Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org> wrote:
> You sure declaring war against multiple teams is a
> good idea?  It seems like
> the bot is designed to fight against one team.  Will
> it try to refuel on 3rd
> space planets that are now hostile?  Will it try to
> take 3rd space?

As far as what would the robots do. I dunno. 

I know there is code to prevent it from refueling on
hostile planets in general. It will even try to
declare peace if possible. 

I am more thinking in terms of what a human player
should do in terms of war declarations in various

The scenario that the bots fail horribly on, is during
timercide, or when they get forced to join a different
team. They don't check their war declarations and
declare war as necessary for some reason.  They only
do their war declarations when they first join in, and
that's it!

Also, they won't take back planets that were taken by
a 3rd team scummer. Declaring war on this 3rd team
would be a start. But you're right, that current patch
wouldn't fix anything.  

Furthermore, there are logic bugs in that patch in the
way it is coded. Still working on it.