You mean like: 

main.c line 437, where I use space-tab combo for the
indent, and the rest of the surrounding code is spaces

I personally like spaces only, but someone told me
space-tab combo was better. When editing the code in
emacs, I can't see the difference, unless I move my
cursor around and around seeing it jump more than 1

I never realized it was different until you pointed it
out, and I started poking around.

A cursory glance, and everything else seems to line up

I did a darcs get, and a apply my own patch. 

Then a quick test. Seems to work fine. 

If anybody has any ideas on how I can "see the tabs"
so I can follow the code style in emacs. It'd be
greatly appreciated. 


--- James Cameron <quozl at> wrote:

> Some of the changes where you've added code show a
> style that isn't
> consistent with the existing style.  Are you sure
> about those changes?
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