Hi Chris, the graphics were made by Pascal Gagnon, he was on the list, not
sure if he still is, he said a few weeks ago that he had to go offline for
6 months.  I know he wouldn't mind if you used them, I think he released
them with some license that allows open use (Jerub knows more on this).
His email address *was* dopleganger75 AT gmail.com.  Use @ instead of AT.
You can take the bitmaps straight out of the xp 2006 client and resize
them to your needs.  I'm the author of that client, and I took his
original 1000x1000 drawings and put them in 80x80 (ships) or 120x120
(planets) pixel size.  In the case of planets, I created the different
race colors through colorizing the bitmaps in my pixel editor.  In the
case of the one rotating planet (unknown planet), I used GIMP's create a
rotating planet function.  I don't have the original 1000x1000s if you
wanted those, though.  I hope he comes back some day, still need some more
art for rotating planets (need square shaped planets to input into the
GIMP function).

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006, Chris en Judith wrote:

> Hi,
> i downloaded netrek XP 2006 and found the graphics quite nice! i
> think Patrick <something> was credited for it. I would like to use
> the same graphics for the new Mac client, but preferably with
> permission of the author :-) can he be reached through this list?
> regards
> Chris
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