On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 08:53:45AM -0700, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> Tabs are aligned to the nearest 8 space cell ...

No, not the nearest, the next.  A tab will always cause movement, and
the movement will range from one to eight spaces in length.  The word
nearest can mean the same location, or one to the left.

> I spent the last few hours trying to get emacs to
> "show me the tabs!" I finally went with the first
> solution from the webpage quozl referred me to with
> the lisp program. Took a while to get it to work. So
> if anybody wants me to detail it out. I'd be more than
> happy to. 

If there's something wrong with the Emacs Wiki page, you should add a
neutral and factual observation to it.  You should be able to edit the
pages in that Wiki, though I'm not sure if you need to register first.

By neutral and factual, I mean don't just say "didn't work", instead say
"when I tried this method with emacs 21 on linux the result was that the
tabs were not highlighted."

The Emacs Wiki is probably a more appropriate forum than this mailing
list for discussing the Emacs Wiki.

> Also found out that emacs won't let me insert tabs in
> *other* locations! Pretty annoying. Had to use vi some
> of the time to tidy up the code. 

You should be able to add a tab manually, using Control/Q then tab.

If you just try a tab by itself, then a special indentation function is
run if emacs is in c-mode.  That's a gross simplification for the
purpose of illustration.

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