On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 11:39:58PM -0500, Zach wrote:
> I guess this issues is a result of the machine crash. 

Nope.  It is mainly at your end.

> Are there plans to put this functionality back in place?

It's already there, and works fine, though a little monochrome.

> http://metaserver.us.netrek.org
> >times out

Incorrect URL, use http://metaserver.us.netrek.org:1080/

> http://metaserver2.us.netrek.org
> >redirects to www.netrek.org

Incorrect URL, use http://metaserver2.us.netrek.org:1080/

> http://metaserver.netrek.org
> >redirects to www.netrek.org

This is an alias for both servers.
Incorrect URL, use http://metaserver.netrek.org:1080/

> http://metaserver.eu.netrek.org
> >redirects to www.netrek.org

The European metaserver is no longer available, so this address
translates to one of the US metaservers.  And, incorrect URL, add :1080/
to the end.

If you want to remember the 1080 somehow, it's a fox poison we use on
our farm here.  Sodium fluoroacetate.  

I've applied a patch to the metaserver in CVS to:

- better form the HTML by including a <body> tag set,
- remove the link to the European metaserver,
- change title to Netrek Metaserver.

I'll take patches to improve the style of the output, such as the use of
embedded CSS or a CSS from www.netrek.org.  The world wide web has
adopted colour since I wrote the disp_web.c module.

I'd also like to consider having the output in XML with a stylesheet, so
that the www.netrek.org site could syndicate it.

James Cameron    mailto:quozl at us.netrek.org     http://quozl.netrek.org/
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