+	* ntserv/ntscmds.c: add a vote to temporarily ban, which requires
+	100 non-banned logins before the temporary ban expires.  If the
+	banned IP address tries in the meanwhile, the countdown is
+	manipulated upwards

I'm curious as to how the ban would effect players with static IPs vs.
those with dynamic IPs (like AOL users and other popular IPs like
rogers.com).  Would it allow an AOL user who gets banned to simply
reconnect to AOL, get their new random IP, and then reconnect to the
server?  Or would it ban all *AOL.com users?

Second, the legnth and determination of the ban.  I have a feeling 100
unique logins would take an awful long time, on the order of several days.
Is this an appropriate power to give the players, ban someone for several
days?  If anyone thinks this won't be abused like eject is currently
abused, they are kidding themselves.

Lastly, as to determination of ban length, the only way to check is to
login at a time you "guess" the ban has expired.  But if you guess wrong,
the ban is increased.  How is that fair to the player exactly?  The length
of ban should be static so they know when they can log in again without
meriting further automatic punishment from the server.