Hey Joe,

Can you please explain what its purpose is, what this does in some more detail, why anyone would want to use it, and how it works? Documentation tends to be notoriously bad in Netrek -- almost like a sore thumb or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


>Source code is available at:
>Written in VB and there is plenty of room for improvement if you have the
>time.  Also feel free to use the code to create a config utility for another
>OS.  The logic for the keymap config took some time to put together,
>shouldn't be too hard to transfer the code to a different compiler for use
>on a different OS.  Hopefully can save someone some time.
>Link to this page is only available from the links section of
>playnetrek.org.  I am told this code will also be placed in the CVS

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