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> Can you please explain what its purpose is, what this does in some more
> detail, why anyone would want to use it, and how it works? Documentation
> tends to be notoriously bad in Netrek -- almost like a sore thumb or a poke
> in the eye with a sharp stick.

I don't mean this to be flame-bait, but it will sound that way....

The documentation is the code.  With that said, I agree the documentation is 
poor for Netrek, but if I had to pick, I'd rather have people writing code, 
then writing documentation.

A smaller FOSS projects like netrek do not (usually) get the luxury of having 

My recommendation, see if you can get the author in irc and talk with him and 
write the documentation yourself. Why? Most devs, like myself, would write 
techno-babble documention which the end user wouldn't find all the useful 
anyways. :-)

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