On 5/16/06, Jimmy Huang <jimmyhua73 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the general pointers. I've generally hacked
> up other people's code for my own personal use.
> Participating in an Open Source environment is pretty
> new to me.
> As I have a great idea for a "newbie" server... BUT I
> have no access to a Linux Box or other unix box out on
> the internet... So, this is my only recourse, is to
> add it into the Vanilla source (and hope someone else
> uses it for a newbie server).

If you don't have access to a linux machine, then this is probably a good idea:

1) Get vmware server from http://vmware.com/
2) Get a linux image from http://www.thoughtpolice.co.uk/vmware/ I
recommend debian-31r0a-i386-netinst-kernel2.6.zip, 115M
3) apt-get install a bunch of things (I don't remember what, probably
things like libgdbm-dev)
4) Install Vanilla.
5) Playtest your changes.
6) Share the image with others.

Stephen Thorne

"Give me enough bandwidth and a place to sit and I will move the world."
  --Jonathan Lange