I've been having a bit of trouble integrating patches in the last few
days, the problem occurs when

a) ChangeLog entries are used
b) Two developers submit patches concurrently.

It results in me (the person who applies the patch) having to apply
the patch and resolve the 'conflict' (lines added to ChangeLog).

I'm not sure how to solve this. Not using ChangeLog anymore would
suck, but having weird patch dependancies and conflicts because every
patch hits the ChangeLog is annoying.

Two solutions come to mind.

1) Rely on commit messages instead, exclusively, and leave ChangeLog as a relic.

2) Mandate that ChangeLog formatted messages must be put into the
darcs 'long comment', and the person integrataing the patch into the
upstream repo copies those messages out of the commit messages into
the ChangeLog, and records that as a new patch.

I can see a lot of reistance to (1).

(2) is a lot of work, but at the moment that's zero sum - I'm already
doing a record for every conflict.

Can anyone else see other solutions?
Stephen Thorne

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