On Thu, 18 May 2006, Stephen Thorne wrote:
> 2) Mandate that ChangeLog formatted messages must be put into the
> darcs 'long comment', and the person integrataing the patch into the
> upstream repo copies those messages out of the commit messages into
> the ChangeLog, and records that as a new patch.

Is there some sort of commit hook that can do this automatically?

I have used CVS where a commit script would automatically create entries in a
changelog file.

None of the projects I work on now have a change log file that developers need
to update.  As you've found, it doesn't work for concurrent development, and
besides, that's what the versioning system is for.  Of course Vanilla has a
history of thowing away the version history every so often, so all those darcs
comments are just going to get lost.