Thanks to Trent. Here is the improved patch for

> > This is the correct fix:
> > 
> > -   if(!(pl->pl_flags & PLAGRI) || me->p_armies >> > 5){
> > +   if(!tpl || !(tpl->pl_flags & PLAGRI) ||
> > me->p_armies < 5){

Hi. Although logically that is correct. It is real
tough to figure out what that if statement means! 

I split it apart and re-wrote it in the attached
patch. Hopefully you like it. 

> There are no acceptable enemy planets -> look for
> ind ones (*)
> The closest enemy planet is agri and I have five
> or more armies -> skip
> looking for neut planets, the agri take is better
> All other cases, look for nuet planets and take
> them before enemy planets

Only a person who has played netrek heavily for many
years would know that logic is correct. If it were me,
I'd go for neut planets first over agris. And this is
why I couldn't figure out what Hadley was getting at.

Didn't get a chance to play test it. But it compiles

I'll send an e-mail out tommorrow if I find something
wrong with the play testing. 

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